Universal Law, Natural Science & Living Philosophy – Third Edition by Walter Russell (PDF)
AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHORS In these lessons, we are laying the foundations for a better understanding of God - the nature of God, the relationship of God to man and his universe, the structure of the material universe, and God's processes of creation. After you have finished reading each unit of this Home Study Course, you must begin at the beginning and read it again. No one can step into a completely new dimension of thinking and comprehend it all at once. No course of study will reward you with larger dividends from rereading than this one will. Always remember that this is new knowledge and therefore has a new language. As you read it over and over again, what you will find as we take you behind the scenes of God's cosmic stage is as profoundly simple and as fully comprehensible to you as adding two and two together. Do please take our word for this, and never for a moment say it is over your head or you cannot understand it, for you can understand it. Remember that new knowledge always seems difficult. You have to think about it over and over again, then meditate upon it, until what you now read with your senses you will gradually KNOW in your Soul. It will then become a part of you. To become a master of creative expression - by being able to make the short cuts to achievement as we have done - you must master each step as you go - each idea as you absorb it - by going back to it time after time until you begin to wonder WHY you could ever have thought any part of it was difficult. Again we say that all of its seeming complexity will lead you to the most surprising simplicity. This is why we persist in advising that you take one paragraph at a time and meditate upon it until your Soul KNOWS what your senses have read in words and recorded upon your brain. When it goes beyond your brain into your consciousness, you will truly KNOW it.

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