The New Satanists by Linda Blood (PDF)
It is real, it threatens your children and your society. And it is growing more dangerous every day. What most people don't know - and what U.S. Law enforcement officers are only beginning to discover - is that Satanism is the fastest growing underground criminal movement in the world today - and that is directly linked to an exploding number of child abuse cases, Nazism, drug dealing, pornography, and prostitution. What you have seen is only the beginning. What you know is only a hint. What they are doing is the most frightening untold story of our time. Now, a former cult member takes you inside the horrific world of today's Satanists - people who live in your neighborhood, care for your children, and hold high-level military positions. Why do they do what they do? How quickly are their numbers growing? Drawing on hair-raising, first-person accounts of life in Satanic cults, The New Satanists. "Brings to life the most hidden area of child sexual abuse and torture: Satanic ritual abuse. America, open your eyes!" - Gail Carr Feldman, Ph.D., author of Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light.

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