The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume I and Volume II by Michael Tsarion (PDF)
In the tradition of Zecharia Sitchin and Immanuel Velikovsky, Michael’s investigations reveal the reason for the eradication of the Druids and highlight for the first time the terrible campaign of genocide against the ancient Irish elders whose knowledge once enriched world culture. Michael exposes the true origins of the world’s premier secret societies and reveals the remarkable mysteries they have been sworn to guard by sword and deception. He shows that the elements of civilization - megalithic construction, writing, music, astronomy, astrology, medicine, farming, navigation, and most importantly the principles of religion, originated in Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia. Every European needs to read this book to find out how the history of "Anglo-Saxon" man has been misrepresented and perverted. Michael explains the true meaning of the word Aryan and shows that it was the original name of Ireland. He explains the reason why so many tribes speak of the coming of the fair gods, the men of wisdom. He explains the connections between the Irish Druids and Egyptian Amenists and the ruin Akhenaton's Luciferian cult brought to Egypt and the world.

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