The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism by Constance Cumbey (PDF)
So what are the new social movements ? What direction is politics taking ? As FDR said, "in politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way". What direction is our planet moving towards ? Are we witnessing the rise of the global Religious leaders, while Political leaders are stuck in irrelevance ? Are there forces working to misuse your goodwill ? Are we about to see Heaven on Earth, a passage to Planetization, the ushering in of a Holy Millennium, with the leading of the next Pope ? Are we as people going to be able to retain any personal or local control over local politics or issues ? Or does the passage to the New World Order mean that you, as an individual, must give up all of your rights, especially if you are living in the Western nations ? Do you actually only have value, only as long as you are treated as a cell, part of a much larger organism contributing to the larger society ? What happens if you decide not to volunteer ? Loving peace is great, but actually making peace is much more difficult, messy, and challenging. Is the New International Order about to change ? Will Israel finally find its long awaited Messiah has much in common with a Mahdi (Islamic Messiah) who will step out of a well (twelver) and announce that he is going to usher in a time of Global Peace, after a mandatory period of dark revolution that is about to last seven years ? Will all nations give up their currency, or only those Americans who have relied on the Banker's Federal Reserve Notes (i.e. Dollars) ? What are the results of a Global Economic Crisis or a worldwide famine ? Will the IMF-BIS -World Bank work with the European Central Bank (ECB) to usher in a wonderful new global currency, which after all, only asks that you have your personal identification on your right hand or forehead ? Wasn't that plan mentioned in the Book of Revelation ? Are the new forming governments in the moslem world part of the King of the South ? Do we have the chance, through salvation, to become the Adopted sons of God, or are we instead waiting a global human messiah who accomplishes signs and wonders, and who promises that you too, can share his power if only you will worship him, and give him your allegiance ? What could be wrong with a little messiah worship ? Is our personal eternal spiritual destination actually a part of this scenario ? Are the issues of the surrender to the new globalism, part of a much larger transnational plan, that may have consequences that may turn all nations into Huxley's Brave New World, leading to a Prison Planet ? This book gives the details about the near advent of a very human messiah, along with the documentation and historical links. The author shows some previous attempts to bring this about, and what this now will mean for you, your children, your family, and your community. Are the riders of Pale Horses about to ride ? Do you wish that someone would tell you the near-future, so you could at least understand all the chaos and where this is leading ? Surely, the few pages of concern are nothing to those who believe in these wonderful times ahead. All sides agree on the events, that just happen to be mentioned in the books of Daniel and Revelation. The main question remaining is what those events mean to each of us, and what we must do, and whether or not the original owner of the planet, its maker (God), would be about to re-assert, that He is truly in control, and the choice is whether to accept Him, or accept a much worse alternative. The challenge with gods is that they think on such a fantastic scale. Let those who proclaim their own Godhood demonstrate it by creating a planet of their own, changing the tides, affirming their own prosperity. God loves all mankind, but there may be some, who would want others to be kept in the dark about the politics of the New Dark Ages. This book seems to have been written to give the reader some chance of being able to learn and understand the forces behind the scenes that move the political levers of the global community.

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