The Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli (PDF)
The true identity of this Alchemical Adept has never been publicly discovered but there are few who would not recognize his works as the most significant contribution to the Great Art in more than 100 years. The author displays an immense knowledge of the practices of Alchemy and the Alchemists of the Middle Ages and for the first time makes clear the differences between Chemistry, Spagyrics, Archemy, and Alchemy. For many, the most amazing revelation of the book will be the author's review and exhaustive interpretation of the extensive statuary, bas relief, and other artistic devices built into the homes of numerous Medieval Alchemists. These works of art have for centuries openly revealed the secrets of Alchemy to all who have the eyes to see. This long awaited translation from the original French will be of immense benefit to those who seek to understand Alchemy for what it truly is -- the art and science of Creation and Transformation of physical form through the agency of Man.

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