Lifting the Veil: David Icke Interviewed by Jon Rappoport (PDF)
Lifting The Veil Reveals the truth about Big Religion, Big Government, Big Broadcasting, Big Banks and Big Business - all run by an interlocking brotherhood. In this interview by Jon Rappoport, David Icke names names, organizations and gives detailed descriptions on the structures of control in today's world. "Most Controversial Speaker In The World" is the label frequently given David Icke as an international speaker, author and campaigner for freedom. David Icke tours the world addressing increasingly larger audiences. He is the author of nine books, including Children of the Matrix, The Biggest Secret; ".and the truth shall set you free"; Robots Rebellion; Truth Vibrations and I am Me, I Am Free. Jon Rappoport has been writing articles and books on politics and health for fifteen years. His books include The Secret Behind Secret Societies; Madalyn Murray-O'Hair; Oklahoma City Bombing: The Suppressed Truth and Aids Inc.: Scandal of the Century.

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