A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible by Steven L. Hairfield (PDF)
What a wonderful adventure! Imagine you were born in a vast, dimly lit cave, where everything, including the people, appears to be a dull gray. All you can see are shadows and darkness. As you grow up, you find that your life is strongly regulated by the "Book of Rules," an ancient edict that controls even your most secret thoughts. You also learn that, somewhere in the cave, there is a crack in its walls that emanates a strange light. It is a forbidden place, guarded by ferocious animals, so that no one can truly inspect this anomaly. Later in life, your curiosity and your silent wish for a better environment finally throw you into action. Somehow, you manage to get past the vicious guards, and to avoid death, you dive headlong into the strange brightness. When your eyes finally adjust, you discover a new world, full of colors, sounds and fragrances, and you vow never to return to darkness. That, dear reader, is in essence what this book did for me. I will not offer disparaging words about the religion into which I was born and raised, but I will praise the effects of Eastern philosophy and the wisdom of metaphysics. As you will read for yourselves, these two belief systems have extracted the unmitigated divine Truth from the metaphors found in the greatest book ever published. Having lived most of my adult life in the shadows of conditioned dogmas, I found at last that doorway in the cave's wall. I discovered the beauty of God's nature and the passive gullibility of humankind. Last but not least, I received the long awaited explanation to the unanswered questions that troubled my formative years. Thus, it is in all sincerity that I highly recommend the reading of this remarkable book. Hopefully, it will reach your mind, your heart and your soul. My six years as editor for Dr. Hairfield's works have been filled with spiritual peace and enlightenment. May the contents of this book transport you to the same level.

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